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Oct 7, 2013

The October Organist features a radio drama featuring Jesse Eisenberg; a remembrance of Mike Kelley; Catherine Keener and Mac Barnett take on a classic children's book from the 1960s; Alexis Georgopoulos; Ben Greenman; and more.


Mike Kelley as the Banana Man. 1981. 

(c) Estate of Mike Kelley.  All rights reserved.  

Courtesy Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts. Photo: Jim McHugh.


Banner Photo:  Mike Kelley. Deodorized Central Mass with Satellites. 1991/1999. Plush toys sewn over wood and wire frames with styrofoam packing material, nylon rope, pulleys, steel hardware and hanging plates, fiberglass, car paint, and disinfectant. Overall dimensions variable. (c) Estate of Mike Kelley.  Images courtesy of Perry Rubenstein Gallery, Los Angeles. Photography: Joshua White/